20 eco-friendly kitchen Products

Do you care about living in harmony with nature without harming the environment? Do you want your home to be a friendly and cosy place for the whole family? We understand all these needs, so we have prepared something special for you.

For all those who care about the fate of our planet and the health of their relatives, we have created a wide range of eco-friendly kitchen products. The proposed items are made of safe, natural materials. Some of them are made of recycled materials. So in our range, you will find biodegradable, reusable and compostable products to equip your home and make it closer to nature.

20 Eco-friendly products and equipment for the kitchen

The less waste products are especially worthy of your attention because they will make daily cleaning and tidying up easy and will not generate too much trash. We offer you a variety of reusable gadgets – eco sponges, washers and cloths.

Organic jute and flax cleaners are suitable for washing dishes and cleaning all kinds of surfaces. If you are looking for vegan products, they will prove to be the perfect choice. They are made by hand from 100% vegetable fibers.

Natural sponge cloths for cleaning in your eco-friendly home will also be useful for wiping worktops, dusting or washing the bathroom. These eco-friendly accessories are durable and tear-resistant, so you can use them repeatedly and for a long time. What’s important is that you wash them in the washing machine or dishwasher!

1. Re-usable Bamboo Towels by Ecoegg

Replace your paper towels and your cleaning cloths with these eco-friendly, money saving bamboo sheets. Made from a organic bamboo source, our Bamboo Towels are strong and absorbent. Use them wet or dry for spills, messes, cleaning, wiping, dusting, drying and more! They never scratch and never leave any lint or residue.

2. Reusable Shopping Bags

The Eono Essentials Reusable Mesh Produce Bags are recycle and washable which can help to eliminate countless plastic bags to decrease pollution and save energy. It will bring you a much more Eco-green living habits. Made of strong, lightweight, easy-to-see-through mesh polyester, Eono reusable produce bags are stain, rip and tear resistant. The breathable mesh bags instead of normal plastic ones will keep your fruits and veggies fresh for longer. The reusable bags can be easily cleaned in the washing machine or by hands.

3. Swedish Dishcloths

This dishwashing cloths have the functionality of a cellulose sponge with the durability of up to 15 rolls of paper towels. More versatile than a microfibre cleaning cloth, they are perfect for wiping surfaces, washing dishes and mopping up spills as well as using for the bathroom, pets, car, garden and office. Super absorbent, absorbing 20 times more liquid than its weight! Fast-drying, no more smelly odour. Made from natural, sustainable materials, 30% cotton, 70% cellulose wood pulp and compostable, our kitchen wash cloths are perfect for both your home and the planet.

4. Natural Kitchen Sponge

Made of only natural and recycled materials without plastic packaging, eliminates ocean, plastic and air pollution. Also its the most instagrammable sponge ever, and looks awesome in your kitchen.

5. Reusable Silicon Food Bags

Are You Tired of the Messy Refrigerator & The Kitchen Wanting a Clean & Tidy Environment? This Reusable Food Storage Bags is Specially Designed for Space Management can Meet Your Requirements.

6. Kitchen Loofah Scrubber

Effective cleaning with mild abrasion: the loofah dish sponge scrubber has a natural cellulose structure when dried out the loofah becomes a great cleaning tool due to the fibrous structure and its mild abrasion that wipes out even the toughest of food residues. Amazing kitchen tool is a completely natural product, it is a compostable product and an incredible alternative to plastic, which makes it easy for you to choose the better one. The incredible Dishwashing Scourer is made with natural loofah and cellulose. It is 100% plant-based and a plastic-free product.

7. Zero Waste Cheese and Sandwich Wrappers

Bee’s Trend Wax Wraps believes keeping your family healthy is important. This set is made with 100% cotton cloth, organic bees wax, organic jojoba oil and natural tree resin (which has natural antibacterial properties). That’s it – dependable and safe. They’re perfect for organic and vegan lifestyles.

8. Reusable Food Bags

According to statistics, each person uses more than 714 plastic bags every year. This causes the environment to be polluted. It also wastes lots of money. Choose our reusable mesh bags to reduce the number of plastic bags used, and save your money!

9. Compostable Bin Bags

This bags are approved for food waste recycling with most councils. There are 100% biodegradable and compostable, made from corn starch.

10. Mason Glass Jars

The storage jars are the ideal packaging for all foods that taste and last longer. Not only basic food, but also hearty and sweets can be stored in the practical glass jar.

11. Reusable Shopping Bag

These reusable shooping bags are the best choice for supermarket storage shopping travel carrying and outdoor.For women or men, fashion design and eco-friendly.

12. Bamboo Colorful Washcloths Dish Cloth

This bamboo towel is made of 100% natural bamboo fiber, then overlocked with different colors of bindings in order to separate each other. This bamboo towel is of double layers of fabric to ensure its longer duration and more efficient cleaning effects, oily remove ability.It is used to clean the dishes and plates without or less chemical detergent, because bamboo fiber has the cleaning effects itself, the more with warm water. It be used as an exfoliating facial towel to clean makeup with gentle, soft touch and since it is organic and natural, it will be healthier and safe to use. Mores people get to know bamboo material and like it more and more because it is organic and pure natural, let us protect our planet all together.

13. Bamboo Cooking Utensils

Plastic is one of the most dangerous pollutants that can destroy our environment, which is why avoiding the use of any plastic tools is vital for the decades to come. One ingenious way to achieve a zero-waste and plastic-free lifestyle is by replacing common utensils with accessories made with better materials. That is why we have created the incredible set of 6 bamboo cooking utensils, a kit that is practical, planet-friendly and super easy to use in creating your favorite dishes.

14. Glass Food Containers

With easy-to-open and-close four-latch polypropylene lids, the containers keep your solid and liquid food, leakproof so now you can transport those containers tension-free. The airtight and watertight seal will keep the food fresh as ever. The transparent container and anti-fogging lids will make it easier to see what’s inside, also, without having to open the containers.

15. Silicone Food Storage Containers with Lids

rustrated with low-quality, bulky food storage containers that chip easily and warp in the dishwasher? This silicone containers collapse to 1/3 of its original size for easy storage saving you 60% more space.

16. Reusable Food Cover Wraps

The reusable stretch lids is sustainable way to keep food fresh and stored. The stretchy food covers is better than plastic wrap or silver foils, the stretch lids can be used over and over again, and easily be washed and cleaned. Cover the bowl to make foods kept fresh.

17. Eco Cleaning Set with Machine Cleaner, Dishwasher Tabs, Hygiene Salt, Detergent and Rinse

The claro starter-box contains everything you need to keep your dishwasher happy in one handy box. What does it contain?

  • 1 x 75 claro eco classic dishwasher-tablets
  • 1 x claro hygiene salt
  • 1 x claro eco rinse aid
  • 1 x claro eco hand dishwashing detergent
  • 1 x claro eco dishwasher cleaner powder

18. Bio D Washing-Up Liquid

This perfume-free power liquid cuts through grease and burnt-on stains effortlessly, and because it’s concentrated, a little really does go a long way. It’s hypoallergenic too, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin and strong allergies.

19. BRITA Water Filter Starter Pack

Fresh tasting water without plastic bottle waste for just a few pence per Litre and with the electronic memo reminder display, you will know when it’s time to replace your Maxtra cartridge.

20. Natural Cleaning Paste

Do you want a natural & organic all-purpose multi surface cleaning paste that is cost effective and works? The EcoGurus Cleaning Paste is designed to provide just that. With our micro active natural technology any surface in your home will be left sparkling clean!! All natural ingredients, safe to use around children & pets indoors and outdoors. Biodegradable, preservative-free and no added phosphates.



These e-cloth pad eliminate grease, grime, fingerprints, and food spills from countertops, appliances, stainless steel, cupboards, kitchen floors, and more with the highest-quality microfibre cleaning products available. Every e-cloth product has awesome chemical-free cleaning power built-in, so you can get the nasty stuff out of your home and away from the people and pets you love. Chemical cleaners, disposable wipes, single-use mop refills, and all the plastic and packaging that goes with them wreak havoc on our environment. We believe that durable, high-quality cleaning tools, meticulously engineered for thousands of uses, are the best way to respect and protect our shared environment.