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30 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products on Amazon- Buy Responsibly

Create a home where respect for the planet, animals, and people is reflected in the choices of everyday items and accessories. Check out our range of eco-friendly bathroom products – cleaning products, washing powder, cotton pads, ear sticks, soaps, and towels. We have selected them very carefully – we have focused on vegan, ecological, biodegradable solutions. They are free of toxins, artificial ingredients, plastic. They contain the highest quality materials and are made of high-quality materials. All these features make ecological bathroom products stand out from the range of large hypermarkets.

1. Laundry Egg- Ecoegg


An eco-friendly and hypoallergenic alternative to washing detergent. Does not contain harsh chemicals. It is also help you save some money because it lasts for up to 210 washes. Completely replaces normal washing detergent – no liquid or powder required. it was dermatology tested.



2. Natural hair brush made of bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on our planet. It also has a unique antibacterial quality making it naturally antibacterial, antifungal and odour resistant. The cushioned bristles massages the scalp and thereby improves the blood circulation, which promotes hair growth in a gentle way.

3. Safety Razor for Women

Disposable plastic razors are impossible to recycle, especially the cartridges. With this traditional safety razor, you only need to replace the double edge safety razor blades. Switching to a plastic-free safety razor shave have many benefits. Safety razor is better for environment because is 100 % recycled. Shaving your legs with a safety razor may seem like a strange idea to a lot of women. How is shaving my legs with a safety razor different than cartridge razors?

4. Bamboo Cotton Buds

The world is facing the vicious effect of pollution all around. Plastic cotton buds are considered one of the greatest forms of litter that creates pollution. The best solution for such issue is the bamboo cotton buds, which are not only eco-friendly but also biodegradable. These cotton buds are made from organic material, bamboo which is harvested once and it grows again from its own roots.

5. Reusable Cotton Pads

Dust, the atmospheric pollutants and your makeup remains make your skin look dull & tired. Perfect for easy makeup removal from oily, dry and sensitive skin, our makeup pads set makes a thoughtful gift to your girlfriend, wife, sister, mom or good friend.

6. Bamboo Toothbrushes by WAM BAM BOO

Bamboo has an amazing growth rate which sees some species grow up to 1 metre every day! Unlike hardwood trees, the bamboo plant regrows after harvesting and can reclaim the land so other plants can thrive, its extensive root system helps to prevent soil erosion and flooding. Approximately 26 million plastic toothbrushes are thrown away in the UK annually, roughly 3.5 billion brushes are sold worldwide each year — they all have to go somewhere, and that is usually in UK landfill sites, abroad or end up in the ocean. Plastic is a environmental problem facing us all and by making a small change we can collectively make a big difference. Switching to a bamboo toothbrush is one easy way you can contribute to help eradicate this devastating problem.

7. Natural Toothpaste

This natural mineral-rich toothpaste is blended with organic Spearmint oil. This toothpaste will help eliminate germs and promotes healing in your gums. Mineral-rich formula, promoting remineralisation. The Fluoride and SLS free formulation is an ideal replacement to your conventional toothpaste. Free from Fluoride, SLS & Glycerin.

8. Organic Mineral-Rich Whitening Toothpaste

Formulated by a Dentist, Nature’s Answer PerioBrite Natural Mouthwash does more than keep breath fresh and clean, it promotes periodontal health, which is important for a healthy mouth.* In fact, daily cleansing and rinsing with PerioBrite helps promote healthy teeth and gums without the concerns about fluoride, because it’s fluoride free.* Only PerioBrite Natural Mouthwash contains a unique combination of soothing organic wildcrafted herbs, well-known for their cleansing action, together with Co-Q10, Folic Acid, Oregano, Cinnamon and Clove to support tissue and gum health.

9. Natural Dental Floss

Georganics offer two dental floss options, both sustainable and biodegradable, silk or charcoal. Our charcoal comes from sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and can grow up to 3 feet in height in just 24 hours. With this speed of growth it is the only plant left matching human consumption and deforestation. Georganics charcoal dental floss is natural, safe and biodegradable.

10. Natural Shampoo Bar

A natural alternative for plastic bottles of liquid shampoo, because they’re super-concentrated. One shampoo bar (1.94oz) will last as long as two 200ml bottles of liquid shampoo.This product sell as a duopack:Lemon Shampoo bar +Jasmine Shampoo bar.

How To Use Shampoo bar?


  • Wet your hair first
  • Gently rub the shampoo (or soap bag with shampoo )bar with some water and you will see a good silky lather
  • Apply to your hair, massage one minite then rinse thoroughly
  • Rinse the hair with clean water

11. Plastic Free Conditioner Bar

A bar of solid conditioner to help to improve the conditioner of your hair. Each product is made in small batches and is made to order in Devon UK. If used three times weekly this bar should last aproximately 3 months.

12. Handmade Herbal Soap

This soap washes well and does not leave your skin dry or itchy! TIP: Keeping the soap bar in a self drying dish extends the lifetime considerably. If it’s stored in a wet environment it dissolves more quickly, as any soap will.

13. Natural Deodorant Stick

This fantastic natural deodorant is good for you and good for our planet, what’s not to love about that? Handcrafted in the UK using only the highest quality ingredients free from toxins and aluminium. No aluminium, parabens or carcinogens. Allows your skin to breathe naturally. Will not block your sweat glands allowing your body to release toxins as nature intended Vegan Friendly & Cruelty free 100% fully recyclable packaging, 100% plastic free. Perfect for both Women and Men.

14. Hypoallergenic 100% Bamboo Toilet Roll

This product is made from 100% bamboo from FSC certified sustainable bamboo forest. Bamboo is like a grass so when its cut it re-grows from the root unlike trees that once cut the stump and the root systems are dead. Bamboo requires no fertilisers to help it grow, just sunshine and water. The more you cut bamboo, the better it grows. Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant. Bamboo grows 20-30 times faster than trees, producing 30 per cent more oxygen and absorbing 35 per cent more carbon. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, odour resistant and hypo-allergenic. It’s kinder to the skin and unlike recycled tissue is doesn’t contain any de-inking agents or traces of BPA. It’s a 3ply very high quality product that’s super absorbent and soft on the skin.

15. Bamboo Facial Tissue

The luxury flat box facial tissue is made from 100 percent natural sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is hypoallergenic and super kind to skin. The beautifully soft, luxuriously facial tissues leaves your skin feeling refreshed every time. Ideal for your skin.

16. Reusable Bamboo Fibre Cleaning Cloth

Eco Bravo’s bamboo wash cloths will allow you to maintain your bathroom without resorting to toxic commercial cleaning solutions or dangerous chemicals!Resistant to both warm and hot temperatures, they will not add any hassles to your everyday cleaning routines.

17. Reusable Sanitary Towels Pads

Reusable Sanitary Towels, Sanitary Pads or Menstrual Pads are available in a variety of colours, shapes and designs – designed to make life more comfortable.

18. Pure Organic Towel Set

Set of two bath towels and four hand towels in organic cotton. There are ultra soft and kind on the skin. Organically farmed cotton protects the environment and the health of those that harvest it.

19. Eco Save Water Showerhead

The shower head is the most critical and indispensable accessory in any bathroom. Low water pressure is the worst thing when you’re taking a shower and the stream of water is so weak that it is not powerful enough even to rinse shampoo from your hair. Tired of a shower that produces a weak trickle instead of an invigorating stream? You do not have to live with a low-pressure water system that makes it seem as if water is barely trickling out of your shower head. This High-Pressure Shower Head provides a strong flow and steady temperature and has an adjustable setting for spray patterns ranging from a gentle mist to a powerful massage.

20. Non Toxic, Eco-Friendly Shower Curtain Liner

The greatest danger in the shower these days may be your new vinyl shower curtain. The EPA and Environmental Health and Justice have come clean, PVC products are laden with 108 volatile organic compounds, poisonous chemicals that off-gas into the air and can persist for the first 28 days while the curtain hangs in your home. Nice … that just out of the pack, shower curtain smell can be toxic. Definitely skip the poly vinyl chloride (PVC) shower curtain. The plastic is softened with hormone-disrupting phthalates, and also includes chlorine which creates dioxin, a carcinogenic chemical formed during its creation and destruction. Dioxin is also bad news because it penetrates a lot of the food chain because of how far and sturdily it can travel without breaking down. A new study found that six hours after opening a vinyl shower curtain your bathroom would be swimming volatile organic compounds over 16 times the guidelines for indoor air quality established by the US Green Building Council and the Washington State Indoor Air Quality Program.

21. 100% Compostable Biodegradable Caddy Bin

This bags are certified biodegradable and compostable according to the European standard for compostable packaging: EN 13432, which is the internationally recognized standard for compostable and biodegradable bags in Europe.

22. Bamboo Wash Cloths

The super soft bamboo wash cloths by Navaris are perfect for use on the face, body, hands and more. The 100% bamboo material is gentle enough for dry and problem skin, including babies’ sensitive skin.

23. Bamboo Floor and Shower Bath Mat

Modern, unique and functional rectangular bath mat. Made from 100% natural eco-friendly bamboo. Bottom side has non-slip feet, elevated design allows for water to evaporate. Perfect for residential or commercial use, indoors or out.

24. Natural Cleaning Paste

Do you want a natural environmentally friendly all-purpose multi surface cleaning paste that is cost effective and works? The EcoGurus Cleaning Paste is designed to provide just that. All Purpose Powerful Miracle Paste Cleaner that cleans almost anything! Bathroom (tough on limescale and soap scum), baths, sinks, ceramic tiles, shower taps, shower trays, Kitchen, saucepans, oven, grill, pots and pans, windows, garden furniture, skirting boards, copper, rust, paintwork, boats, scuffs, work surfaces, barbecues, upvc, alloy wheels, caravans AND greasy hands.

25. Organics London Real Luxury Scented Candle

This deeply sedative blend is part of Neom Organic London’s therapeutic Scent to Sleep range. Each candle contains 6-8 ]ml of pure essential oils which has the power to induce a deep night’s sleep.

26. Natural Coffee Scrub

Coffee grounds make a great exfoliant. The grounds do not dissolve in water, which makes them good at scrubbing away dead skin cells.

27. Bath Muscle and Joint Pain Epsom Salt

The Eco Bath Epsom Salt Bath Soak for Muscle & Joint Pain with aromatherapy oil together brings you the ultimate in bath time relaxation. When Epsom salt is dissolved in water, it releases magnesium and sulphate ions. The idea is that these particles can be absorbed through your skin, providing you with magnesium and sulphates — which serve important bodily functions.

28. Bamboo Makeup Brushes

Complete your look with these vegan and cruelty-free makeup brushes and brush sets.

29. Body Brush Back Scrubber

This lovely and practical back scrubber, not only looks natural (with is Bamboo Wood Material) but does the job to perfection, with its strong but soft natural bristles, this is perfect for cleaning those hard to reach areas of the back.

30. Soap Saver

SMITH’S SOAP SAVER is designed to EXTEND the life of your soap by keeping it HIGH and DRY. Our porous design allows your soap to breathe, enabling it to DRY very quickly. It also acts as a filter system, stopping pools of bacteria filled slime from forming.


An ecological person has attributes similar to an ecological product. They re-use, recycle and reduce the elimination of waste in their lifetime. They conserve energy and natural resources and are aware of the impact of their actions on others and on the planet’s ecosystems. It is natural that these people are looking for compatible products. We put together this list of eco friendly products for bathroom  to encourage you to replace some of the plastic products you buy.

Common Questions :

What Chemicals Should Be Avoided in Cleaning Products?

Cleaning ingredients vary in the type of health hazard they pose. Ingredients with high acute toxicity include chlorine bleach and ammonia, which produce fumes that are highly irritating to eyes, nose, throat and lungs, and should not be used by people with asthma or lung or heart problems.

Why eco friendly products are important

Eco-friendly products do not harm the earth or environment and it will improves quality of living. Going green means also reducing your carbon footprint.

Why are products eco friendly?

Eco is the abbreviation for ecology, the system of relationships between living things and their environment. Friendly implies beneficial, or at least not harmful. It should be noted that the term ecological, when added to services or products, indicates positive, or at least harmless, effects on living things. According to Cambridge directory : Eco-friendly products have been designed to do the least possible damage to the environment.